Below are the most commonly asked questions and answers regarding the DC Golf Tour.  If you have additional questions, please contact us at info@dcgolftour.com.

Q1. What is the DC Golf Tour?
A1. The Tour is, quite simply, a real golf tour for the average golfer. It is a chance for golfers who enjoy the game of golf to play in professionally-organized tournaments at a variety of quality local courses. Tournaments are 18 hole events and are 2-person team, better ball, scramble, modified Stableford or shamble formats. Each tournament has an optional prize pool available for placement, skins, day games contests. The DC Golf Tour was founded in 2007 and is now owned and operated by Kickpoint, LLC.

Q2. Who can play on the DC Golf Tour?
A2. All golfers who have the desire to play and have basic knowledge of the rules are eligible for play. Men, women and juniors are welcome. Our format accommodates anyone looking for friendly competition and camaraderie.  Amateurs and golf professionals may participate in our events. The Tour complies with all USGA guidelines for maintaining amateur status as prizes are awarded as gift cards.  Juniors are welcome as long as they are familiar with the rules and etiquette associated with playing golf.  The majority of players on the Tour typically score in the 80's or low 90's.

Q3. How much are the Entry Fees?
A3. Tournament entry fees vary based on the hosting course and include the 18 hole green fee, riding cart and range balls (when range is available). Players may choose to participate in an optional skins pool for $20 per team. Please note that prepayment and registration is required for all players.  For tournaments, the cost is as close to the courses' normal green fee as possible (varies course to course).  Riding carts are mandatory for all events and are included in the entry fee. Results are posted on this website by 5pm the Tuesday following the event and prize money is awarded within 7 days after a tournament.

Q4. When and Where are the Tournaments Hosted?
A4. DC Golf Tour tournaments are held on both weekends and weekdays and are hosted on all four corners of the metro area at a wide variety of quality local courses. All courses (except occasional out-state events) are within 60 minutes of metro area locations and have been pre-screened for quality and playability.  Note that we add events throughout the year so be sure to check back regularly.
Q5. Are My Scores Handicap Adjusted?
A5. No. To give everyone an equal chance of winning prizes in our events, we have designated payout positions (eg. 1st & 2nd of each flight.). Specific payout positions vary based on the number of participants.  Posted scores determine flights, so we do not have any sandbagging issues and everyone has a chance of winning every time they tee it up. 
Q6. Do I Need an Official USGA Handicap Card?
A6. No, you do not need a handicap card to play in Tour events.  Players use different tee boxes based on an average of their prior three 18-hole scores.
Q7. Are There Any Age Restrictions?
A7. No. As long as a golfer has the desire, and an understanding of basic rules and etiquette, they are welcome to play. We acknowledge the need for a competitive environment for juniors and the Tour provides an excellent opportunity for players to compete and fine tune their competitive skills for high school, college and beyond. Many parent-child teams play together in the tournaments.
Q8. Can I Walk?
A8. No.  Carts are required (and included in the entry fee) for pace of play reasons.  So that all participants may enjoy the round, appropriate pace of play is imperative. Note that most courses require golfers to be at least 16 years of age to drive a golf cart.
Q9. Can I Bring a Caddy?
A9. No, you may not bring a caddie.  The Tour does not allow a caddie for pace of play and safety reasons.
Q10. Can I Play in These Tournaments and Maintain My Amateur Status?
A10. Yes!  The Tour offers only merchandise prizes in the form of gift cards. No cash prizes are awarded thus assuring that players amateur status is not jeopardized.  In compliance with USGA rules for amateur status, no individual player may accumulate merchandise winnings in excess of $750 per event.  See the USGA website about prize money awards.
Q11. Are There Any Mandatory Membership Dues or Fees?
A11. No. You may play in as many or few events as you would like and never pay any membership dues or fees.
Q12. How Do I Join the DC Golf Tour?
A12. To join the Tour, simply play in a tournament.  You can also become a Tour Member if you choose (see Membership Page), but as always, Tour Membership is optional.
Q13. How Do I Sign Up for a Tournament?
A13. Tournaments are open to the first 100 applicants.  Certain events may be limited to a lower number of players.  To ensure your spot, register early!  To be pre-registered, a golfer must register and submit payment online.  You may check to see if a tournament is full by visiting the Upcoming Events page.
Q14. May I Sign Up as a Single or Foursome?
A14. Yes. You may sign up as a single, two-some, three-some or four-some.  If you sign up as a single, we will find you a playing partner. If you would like to play with another team, simply request the pairing and you may play together as a foursome.  The DC Golf Tour accepts payment through PayPal.  The Tour is owned and operated by Kickpoint, LLC.
Q15. What is the Average Winning Score?
A15. To view past results, click on RESULTS in the navigation bar.  Traditionally, for Scramble and Shamble events, the winning team posts under par.  For Better Ball events, anywhere around par is a good score. 

Q16. Is There a Max Score I Can Record on a Hole? 
A16. To assist with Appropriate Pace of Play, the maximum allowable score on a hole is par plus 2.  If you are at par +2 for the hole, please pick up and assist the remaining group/players finish out the hole.  This rule allows groups to remain within one hole of the group in front of them per our Tour Pace of Play Policy.
Q17. What is the Payout?
A17. Beginning in the 2017 season, we are transitioning to a new payout structure. Prize payouts depend on the number of players who register for the tournament.  Skins payouts depend solely on the number of teams who choose to enter.
Q18. What is the Weather Policy?
A18. Players understand that they may have to play in less than favorable conditions. Play will not be allowed if dangerous or unplayable. Call the Tour Director if the weather is questionable the morning of the event. Course manager determines if conditions are unplayable or dangerous. Your safety is our utmost concern. If play is cancelled before the first teetime, players receive a full refund. Once the event begins, if a player is rained out before they finish the 9th hole, they are issued a rain check for a full 18 holes. If a player is rained out after finishing the 9th hole but before finishing the 18th hole, they are issued a rain check for 9 holes. Players are then required to return within 2 weeks to finish their round. It is the players responsibility to submit team scores to the Golf Tour within 14 days following the tournament date. Scores must be emailed to your local Tour Director to be considered official.  Final results will be posted 2 weeks after the original date of the tournament. All prize pool money will be divided between Team Placement and Skins (no Day Games contests).

Q19. What is the Cancellation Policy?
A19. Because we must place deposits and guarantee the course the number of players, no refunds will be issued if you cancel less than 7 days prior to the date of the tournament.  A full refund will be issued (minus a $10 processing fee) if cancelled 8 or more days before the date of the tournament.  If you are unable to play, but can find a substitute player, there is no additional fee.
Q20. Who Organizes and Runs the Events?
A20. A trained Tour Director and an Assistant Tour Director are  responsible for organizing and hosting the tournaments. This assures that each tournament is a professional and consistent experience.
Q21. What is the Difference Between Better Ball Format, Scramble Format, Modified Stableford and Shamble Formats?
A21. In a Better Ball format, each individual plays out the hole with their own ball and the lower of the two individual scores is the ‘team’ score. In a scramble format, players choose which ball position to play and one player picks up and places their ball at the same position as their teammate.  Modified Stabtleford is based on a point system.  Bogey gets 1 point, Par 2 points, Birdie 5 points, Eagle 10 points.  Highest point total wins.  A Shamble format is basically tee shot option. Both players tee off and then choose the best tee shot.  Both players then play their own ball from that location until into the hole.
Q22. Can Professionals play on the Tour?
A22.  Yes.  We formed the Tour so it could be a type of developmental tour - a springboard for players to gain experience and build up their resume for when they go after sponsorships for their professional career.

Q23.  Can I Use a Rangefinders and other Electronic Distance Measuring Devices in a tournament?
A23. Yes.  Per new USGA rules, we will allow Rangefinders and other Electronic Distance Measuring Devices such as the uPro or SkyCaddie.  Note that such devices can only measure yardage (not wind speed or green slope gradient). 
For USGA clarification of this new rule, visit USGA's Rules of Golf website at:
Q24.  How Are Player of the Year Points Calculated?
A24   Tour Members earn season long "Player of the Year" points based upon team placement and awarded based on the number of teams in each event.  Points per event are calculated by assigning the last place team 5 points then incrementally increasing 5 points per team. (eg. 20 teams: Last place = 5 points; 1st place = 100 points).  The Year End Player of the Year Points Placement Prize Pool will be determined by the number of players we have at each tournament.

Q25.  If I have a membership or season pass at a course where you are hosting an event, what is the cost to play?
A25. If the course does not charge the Tour for your green fee and cart, the "tournament fee" is $30. Note that specific arrangements need to be made with the course in order for this to apply. If you have questions or are a member at a hosting site course, please contact your local Tour Director.

Q26. What happens if a player in a Better Ball format event does not have a playing partner?
A26. We will always have a playing partner for you.
Q27.  Which tee box do I use?
A27.  See the Tournament Details email released the week of each Tournament.  This will give you a guideline from where to play.  Typically, you will play from the tee box you "normally" play from in a regular round of golf.  This is a game of honesty and integrity, we ask that you remember this when deciding what tee box you choose.  Please contact the Tour Director if you have any questions about this policy.

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